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Silestone innovates with carbon-neutral quartz collection

SilestoneA(r) Sunlit Days carbon-neutral technology has garnered the line a win in the Hard Surfacing, Tiles & Stone Category in 2021 Architizer A+ Product Awards. It was even a finalist in the Sustainable Design category.[...]

Adaptive reuse project to connect Atlanta to greenery, transit

The COVID-19 pandemic is already influencing future architecture. For example, take S9 Architecture's new adaptive reuse project, Campus 244. This hybrid, well-ventilated, touchless tech campus will serve Atlanta's burgeoning startup community. New York's S9 Architecture, headed by co-founder and principal John Clifford, designed this million-square-foot mixed-use campus for an emerging tech hub.[...]

Scrap wood makes up this award-winning art installation

The "Fragrance with Lotus Flowers" installation by Nakamura Kazunobu Design-Works uses scrap wood to create an entrancing space for Japanese dance. The designers' manipulation of space through light and form creates a misty atmosphere that complements the elegant performances. In 2021, the project earned recognition from Interior Design as a Best of Year (BoY) Honoree and won an Architecture MasterPrize (AMP) Best of Best award.[...]

Sustainable bathroom collection has a Mediterranean flair

When you look at Roca's new sustainable Ona bathroom fixture collection, think the Mediterranean: the sea, great food, soft shapes and geometric lines. Ona means "wave" in Catalan, and the collection from Roca can outfit your entire bathroom, including sink basins, faucets, bathtubs, toilets and bidets. [...]

Notpla plant-based packaging is helping the world plastic problem

Notpla is a packaging solutions company. They're not just using recycled cardboard or eliminating plastic foam. They're redesigning the very idea of what packaging is and how it functions. As a result, the innovative products rolling off the line at the company are plant based and waste free. Thatas a solution like no other.[...]

Climate change lawsuit to hold oil companies accountable

Recently, a Virginia federal appeals court heard a case regarding the role of fossil fuel companies in driving climate change. Major fossil fuel companies face several charges from cities and municipalities across the country. Litigation focuses on the fossil fuel industry's false and misleading advertisements about fossil fuels' effect on climate change.[...]

Rihanna donates $15 million to climate justice

Entertainer and philanthropist Rihanna has pledged $15 million to addressA climate change. Eighteen climate justice organizations will benefit. These groups include the Indigenous Environmental Network, Movement for Black Lives and Climate Justice Alliance.[...]

With California Design Den bedding your conscience can rest easy

In our ever-consuming world, sometimes we fail to pause and evaluate the impact of everyday necessities like linens. But textiles are a massive contributor to landfillwasteand water pollution, so itas important to consider the bedding you buy.[...]

The Barn is created with ethically-sourced, reclaimed timber

You've seen plenty of barns in your day. They are wooden buildings tucked into an open landscape, rising up from the land and sticking out like a sore thumb. The Barn designed by Alexis Dornier is a beautiful extension of the natural world, existing as a part of it rather than an object separate from it.[...]

Burned stadium in Oregon receives an upcycling makeover

The new Civic Park in Eugene, Oregon was designed for the Eugene Civic Alliance by Skylab, along with local partner architect Robertson Sherwood Architects, to revitalize a neighborhood. A fire destroyed the iconic Eugene Civic Stadium, the site of the new park. The new project is designed to revitalize the neighborhood and create new opportunities for recreation, physical education and community connection. It'll also use reclaimed materials from the original stadium to upcycle into the new stadium. [...]

New Florida legislation could shutter state's solar uptake

A bill recently introduced to the Florida legislature could hamper rooftop solar efforts in the state. Republican Senator Jennifer Bradley introduced the bill, which proposed reducing solar reimbursement rates by up to 75%, among other changes.[...]

California redwoods to be reclaimed by Indigenous groups

Ten Indigenous tribes onA CaliforniaasA Lost Coast are about to get their ancestral homeland back.A Save the Redwoods LeagueA announced Tuesday that it will transfer over 500 acres back to the InterTribal Sinkyone Wilderness Council.[...]

First ceramic geodesic dome in the world is affordable

Geoship installed its first bio-ceramic geodesic dome in a bid to create long-lasting, zero-carbon, fireproof and biologically resonant architecture for a new way of building homes. The company is relatively young, with just 400 paid deposits for homes, but they work by a co-op model and have over 2,000 investors.[...]

Brazilian Pavilion at The World Expo transports visitors into nature

The immersive displays at The World Expo Dubai speak to technology, innovation, nature and the environment. Thanks to Cactus, an innovative award-winning design studio, the Brazilian Pavilion stands as an example of these water-cooler topics.[...]

3-in-1 flashlight, lighter and pry bar is rechargeable

Want a multi-functional tool that is also eco-friendly? The Hunt 4.0 by London-based SEPTEM Studio is a rechargeable flashlight you can plug into your laptop. It's also a lighter and a multi-purpose opener tool that fits on your keychain. [...]

Newly discovered catalyst offers solution for methane

Researchers have found and tested a catalyst that could convert methane gas into valuable compounds. A study in Nature Catalysis says the catalyst will be able not only to convert methane but also develop industrially vital compounds. These findings provide an option for combatting methane's harmful greenhouse effects.[...]

Solar panel technology breakthrough to increase efficiency

With the pressure on to save ourselves from global warming, we need more efficientA solar panelsA like yesterday. But the next best thing is soon, and thanks to new developments in solar technology, solar panels may increase their efficiency by almost half by 2025.[...]

How using 3D-printed foam can cut down concrete waste

The construction industry is highly unsustainable. In fact, 7% of global CO2 emissions result from cement production alone. In an effort to cut down construction-related carbon emissions, researchers in the Digital Building Technologies (DBT) department at ETH ZA1/4rich have created FoamWork. The project examines how foam 3D printing (F3DP) can be used in conjunction with concrete casting. The outcome is a less labor-intensive system that enhances material efficiency and lowers carbon emissions.[...]

A little library provides a space for mental health

For the past two years, headlines and realities of the global COVID-19 pandemic has brought stress, worry and loss. To varying degrees, nearly everyone is carrying a burden, with degrading mental health as a result. The Feelings Library by CAUKIN Studio was a temporary installation designed to provide an outlet for emotional resolution.[...]

Latest Adidas shoe uses upcycled materials to avoid waste

Adidas has introduced a new hiking and athletic shoe in its TERREX line of apparel. The Nothing Left Behind Free Hiker Gore-Tex shoe is an ankle-supporting athletic shoe in sophisticated colors for the sustainably-minded hiker. It's the latest in a growing movement for sustainable footwear.[...]

These sustainable cabins settle into gorgeous landscapes

In remote spots all over the western United States, one architecture firm is blending the past with modern design. JLF Architects has designed several sustainable cabins to create a vision for the future[...]

Sustainable renovation brings The Bailey Residence to life

In Black Butte Ranch, Oregon, The Bailey Residence is a nostalgic, sustainable renovation. Last updated in the 1970s, the 1,800-square-foot residential property has been reimagined by Oregon-based design firm Hacker.[...]

Cute Gentoo penguin takes selfies in this amazing video

Thanks to advances in technology,A penguinsA can now take selfies. Like a snowboarder with a GoPro, a Gentoo penguin was able to document its twisting, diving, sardine gobbling, and general shredding through the waters off Tierra del Fuego, thanks to Argentinian scientists who fitted him with a special video camera. You can see the penguin rocketing through densely packed schools of fish, with other swimming shorebirds in the background.[...]

This green community immerses its residents in natural living

Living the Noom started with an idea: create a lifestyle option that met the needs of someone aiming to live an eco-friendly, wellness-centered lifestyle. Designed by Sanzpont (arquitectura) and Pedrajo + Pedrajo Architects, Living the Noom has won Architizer, Muse and Rethinking the Future awards for its innovative ideas. The first community applying Living the Noom concepts is in Cancun, Mexico.[...]

Plant Prefab aims to make housing accessible and affordable

Between impact on the land, use of resources, construction waste and effects on air quality, the building and maintenance of homes and businesses accounts for nearly 40% of carbon emissions on the planet. Plant Prefab is setting out to change all that.A [...]

Coral in the Mediterranean threatened by heatwaves

A new study has found that heatwaves associated with climate change are threatening coral populations in the Mediterranean. The study, published inA Proceedings of the Royal Society Biology, established that corals could be wiped out unless action is taken soon.A [...]

Tonga faces environmental damage after massive eruption

The worldas most powerful eruption in more than 30 years has left the Pacific Island nation ofA TongaA an ashy mess. The January 15 eruption of the Hunga Tonga-Hunga HaE>>apai, a massive underwaterA volcano, has left unknown environmental consequences in its wake.[...]

Canton Avenue harkens back to the Silk Road of China

The Canton Avenue by MOK Design for the Westin Pazhou Hotel in Guangzhou is a walk back in time, revisiting the days when the hotel was a stop on the historic Silk Road of China. The Westin Pazhou Hotel Guangzhou was jointly built by China Foreign Trade Center (Group) and Starwood Hotels and Resorts International Group. It is located in the center of the Guangzhou International Convention & Exhibition Center, with views of the city and the Pearl River. [...]

19th century Harlem house restored to be energy efficient

A 19th-century house, owners interested in passive house design and an architectural firm came together with a resulting blend of original elements married to modern innovations in a big-city row house.[...]

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35+ Types of Hibiscus for Your Garden

Hibiscus, a genus of sun-loving shrubs with tropical-looking magnificent flowers, which come in varied shades of pink, bright red, pastel orange, white, and yellow. They are easily recognizable with their funnel shape, large papery petals, and contrasting colorful centers, called eyes. Hibiscus can be both perennial and annual, depending on their growing zone and surrounding […]

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20+ Different Types of Ivy Plants

Whenever we see a beautiful wall or fence decked with long trailing green beauties, most of the time, those are ivies. Belonging to the Hedera genus of the Ginseng family, these magnificent plants are treasured for their long trailing stems, displaying solid or variegated leaves, adding to their beauty. While ivies are commonly grown for […]

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15+ Flowers That Bloom at Night (Ideal for a Moon Garden)

Most of the flowers open in the daylight and lose their vigor as the sun sets. So, as you wind up work to enjoy your evenings in the garden, the flowers have already signed off for the day. To cherish some colorful blossoms even in the dark, you can think of a moon garden. Nature […]

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24 Types of Begonia Flower With Pictures

Begonias, native to tropical or subtropical regions, are mostly perennials, but they are widely grown as annuals. They have gained much popularity because of the striking foliage and equally amazing flowers. Begonias come in a myriad of colors, sizes, and shapes. With over 1800 species, this genus is sure to adorn your garden with magnificent […]

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16 of the Best Philodendron Types for Your Home

With over 489 known species, philodendrons are popular among beginner and expert gardeners due to their low maintenance and astonishing display of intricate leaves. As they are native to tropical regions, they can survive outdoors in warmer climates with higher humidity. Mostly they prefer low to bright indirect light, and thrive well as indoor houseplants. […]

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8 Types of Iris Flowers

Irises, the national flower of France, with around 300 species, have become the most cultivated flowers in the world. For centuries theyave been treasured by gardeners for their magnificent colors and elegance. They are named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, Iris, due to its wide variety of colors. This low-maintenance, easy-caring perennials have […]

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19 Different Types of Magnolia Trees for Your Garden

Magnolia, a classic garden tree, is well-known for its grace and elegance. Its large, leathery leaves and stunning pink, purple, yellow, or white blooms make it a prized possession for a gardener. The brightly hued blossoms appear in early spring even before the leaves emerge after bearing the frosty winter. The flowers also produce a […]

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21 Different Types of Colorful Daisies for Your Garden

Daisy a as we hear the name, the first picture that comes to our mind is the innocent, pure white flower with a bright yellow center. The term aDaisya is derived from an Anglo- Saxon term, which translates to adayas eyea. They open their flowery eyes at first sight of the sun in the morning, […]

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40 Different Types of Hostas with Pictures

Hostas or plantain lilies are long-lasting perennials that love the shade.Their beautiful leaves, low-maintenance and resilience to harsh weather have made them a favorite with gardeners. Though they are not grown for their flowers, there are flowering and fragrant varieties that would charm you with their looks and smells. The plants come in a variety […]

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Chestnut Rose

Cold Hardiness:Through zone 5 Image Source:,,,,,

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How an unremarkable alley-facing garage in West L.A. became a stylish ADU

This garage-turned-ADU feels like a luxurious getaway just steps from the E Line (Expo) train.

The best California native plant for your zodiac sign

Ceanothus for Taurus. Lupine for Cancer. Here's everything you need to know about pairing California native plants with your sun sign.

A tiny home transforms this Santa Monica backyard into a WFH retreat

This eco-friendly ADU is a simple solution to limited space: It's just 320 square feet. The result? A WFH retreat that also houses guests when needed.

A rare look inside Bernard Judge's 1970s experimental Tree House, shaped by ecology

In 1977, The Times described Bernard Judge's Los Angeles 'Tree House' as 'a lark of a house.' In the wake of the architect's death we visit the unusual home.

You're going to get lost in plants at this Long Beach studio

At Pippi + Lola plant studio in Long Beach, Dynelly del Valle strives to amplify women and BIPOC vendors and artists. "There are all these talented women out here," she says. "Why not show their work?"

Introducing Pantone's 2022 Color of the Year a and 11 L.A. stores where you can find it

Pantone's new blue shade, Very Peri, is about "carefree confidence" as we look to the future.

Fall in love with 'Unpacking,' a beautiful, simple story of how we live told via what we own

We're constantly building the story of our lives, an evolving narrative that can be told through our possessions, a theme explored in "Unpacking."

How a 'crazy plant lady' went from designing fairy gardens to owning two plant shops

Tammy Ha sold rare plants for fun at her family's water store in Santa Ana. Now she has two plant stores of her own.

The pandemic closed her L.A. plant shop. She's making a comeback with a holiday pop-up

Forget low-maintenance pothos and trendy fiddle-leaf figs. Yunice Kang's plant designs will dazzle you like works of art in a museum.

They turned a one-car garage into a stunning ADU to house their parents. You can too

Design, Bitches transformed a garage into a stunning ADU in Atwater Village. It is one of more than a dozen designs through the city's ADU program.

Meet the Korean dancer whose houseplant obsession inspired her new career in ceramics

At one time, Mipa Shin roomed with more than 100 houseplants in her Koreatown apartment. She now creates ceramic planters to 'dress up' plants in the garage of her Cypress Park home.

The L.A. 'granny flat' built for climate change: Take a look at the eco-chic inside

A downsized, upcycled barn in Highland Park is transformed into one of L.A.'s greenest ADUs. Take a tour inside. It may inspire your next design.

Long live street couches! Inside L.A.'s favorite a and controversial a obsession

Street furniture may not seem like one of the things that is, or should be, representative of L.A. But it's part of the cultural and visual fabric.

Finding camellias, figs, lemons a and herself a in a magical patio garden

'I'm discovering who I am in my new garden,' says Chantal Aida Gordon, cofounder of the Horticult and coauthor of "How to Windowbox."

She turned an unpermitted backyard studio into the ultimate WFH hideaway

A Craftsman-inspired house in Elysian Heights gets a whimsical expansion: A writing studio with a hidden rooftop deck that offers views of downtown Los Angeles.

An urn that doubles as a planter: It's the latest in L.A.'s death positivity movement

L.A. woodworker C.C. Boyce is reevaluating what happens when a person dies by turning ashes into planters.

She built a granny flat in Echo Park: How it saved her during the pandemic

Designed as a two-story building, this Craftsman-inspired accessory dwelling unit (ADU) occupies the top floor, leaving room below for outdoor living. She says it saved her from financial ruin during the pandemic.

This urban farmer transformed her lawn with collards, amaranth and sweet potatoes

Siri Lorece Hirth turned the front lawn of her tiny house rental into a densely planted microfarm. Here, she shares how she created a bounty for her community.

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